Josh Flagg Bio: The Story of This Millionaire Real Estate Agent

Looking at expensive homes is a guilty pleasure of mine, and I’ve always wanted to find out who actually sells these homes to the rich and famous.

Josh Flagg is possibly one of the best-known real estate agents, not just through his TV appearances on Million Dollar Listing, but because of the number of extravagant homes he has sold. One thing that fascinated me about Josh Flagg’s bio was that his real estate sales had totaled over $1 billion!

In this Josh Flagg bio, I’m going to go through his life, from developing a keen interest in real estate while in high school to becoming one of the most recognizable and trusted real estate agents in America.

Josh Flagg Bio Facts

Full Name: Joshua Daniel Flagg
Birth Date: August 20, 1985.
Birth Place: Los Angeles, California, United States
Nationality: American
Siblings: n/a
Children: n/a
Partner / Spouse: Bobby Boyd (married 2017, divorced 2022)
Profession: Real estate agent, TV personality
Salary: $2 million
Net Worth: $35 million
Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube
Companies Associated With: Josh Flagg Estates
Last Updated: 2022

Josh Flagg Key Facts Summary

  • Has sold over $1 billion worth of real estate.
  • Began working in a real estate brokerage firm while he was still in high school.
  • He has appeared on Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles since 2006.
  • He was born into a successful family, and his paternal grandmother is Edith Flagg.
  • Currently has a net worth of around $35 million.
  • The most expensive property he has sold went for $25 million in Beverley Hills.
  • He is involved in many charitable causes including many Jewish organizations.
  • He is openly gay and married Bobby Boyd in 2017, and the couple divorced in 2022.

Josh Flagg Birthplace and Early Life

Los Angeles, California.

Josh Flagg was born to Michael and Cindy in Los Angeles, California.

One interesting thing about his family background was that he has a few famous ancestors. He is the great-grandson of Benjamin Platt and grandson of Herman Platt, who founded the Platt Music Corporation, which sold consumer electronics. The company grew to the biggest of its kind in America by the 1950s.

Josh Flagg is also the grandson of fashion designer Edith Flagg.

He attended Brentwood School in Los Angeles and eventually graduated from Beverly Hills High School, a prestigious school with a glittering array of famous people in its alumni. I think this shows that Josh Flagg came from a pretty successful family, as Brentwood School is an independent school that costs tens of thousands of dollars annually.

Josh Flagg Early Business Success

Million dollar listing

Josh Flagg didn’t waste any time getting involved in real estate, as he started working as a realtor straight after finishing school.

Also, I found out that Flagg had actually started learning about the real estate trade when he was still in high school with John Bruce Nelson & Associates. I think that this clearly shows where Josh Flaggs’ interest lay as he demonstrated a keen interest in real estate at a young age, and I’ve found his business bio particularly interesting.

While I don’t know the exact details of his early days as a real estate agent, I think it is safe to say that Josh Flagg demonstrated an almost natural sales ability. Some of the first homes he was in charge of and eventually sold were in wealthy neighborhoods such as Beverly Hills, and he also sold properties on the Sunset Strip. For me, this definitely showed that he possessed a true talent for sales and bringing in major clients as a real estate agent.

In his early career, Flagg experienced a lot of success. He sold a $25 million home in Beverley Hills and many other multi-million dollar residential properties. I think much of this success comes from Flagg’s knowledge, keen interest in Los Angeles, and natural flair and charm. He said he is passionate about architecture, which has undoubtedly helped him sell real estate in some of the country’s most expensive neighborhoods.

I also think Flagg’s character and customer service skills have massively helped him. He said that one of the secrets to his success is pampering his clients and providing a service they will struggle to find anywhere else.

The biggest testament to his success is that he has already sold over $1 billion worth of real estate, and he is only in his thirties. This included working with well-known celebrities such as Adam Levine from Maroon 5 and selling Merv Griffin’s mansion.

I mainly know Josh Flagg through the TV show Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, which he joined in 2006. This propelled Josh from a thriving real estate agent to a full-blown media star. He has been so successful on the show that a spin-off season – Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles: Josh & Josh with Josh Altman – was commissioned.

Josh Flagg Videos

Josh Flagg’s $45 million dollar sale, real estate rivals, & ‘Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles.’

Josh Flagg: An Inside Look At What It Takes To Become A Celebrity Realtor

Josh Flagg Business Failures

I haven’t encountered many failures by Josh Flagg in his business life.

While many other successful people, especially those involved in owning property, such as Conrad Hilton and Robert Kiyosaki, had notable failures, Flagg doesn’t seem to have similar disappointments during his career so far.

Flagg no doubt has failed to sell several properties at times. Still, none of these can really be classified as a valid business failure, given that he has sold over $1 billion worth of property and is also the only original cast member still on Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles.

Josh Flagg Family

Josh Flagg comes from a wealthy and successful family.

I think you can see a lot of Josh Flagg’s entrepreneurial and business skills by looking at some of his ancestors.

Edith Flagg is his grandmother (on his father’s side) and is credited with being the first person to import polyester to America to use specifically for fashion. She built a multi-million dollar clothing company and reportedly had a net worth of $100m.

Josh Flagg was very close to his grandmother, and I suppose this came from him being an only grandchild. His grandmother was a Holocaust survivor (she died in 2014), and he wrote the book A Simple Girl: Stories My Grandmother Told Me, which was published in 2009.

I think his grandmother’s philanthropy also had a lasting impact on Josh, as he has contributed to several philanthropic efforts himself. This has included donating the book’s proceeds about his grandmother to the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles. He also sits on the of The Guardians for the Los Angeles Jewish Home and has been involved in other charitable endeavors such as Vista Del Mar and City of Hope, an organization that helps people living with cancers and other life-threatening conditions.

Josh also has a prosperous heritage on his mother’s side of the family. He is the great-grandson of Benjamin Platt, who founded the Platt Music Corporation, and the grandson of Herman Platt, a successful businessman, and well-known philanthropist.

Josh Flagg is gay and married Bobby Boyd in 2017. The couple divorced in March 2022 but remained close after separating.

Josh Flagg and Career Earnings

Josh Flagg has an estimated net worth of $35 million, which comes from a combination of his prosperous career as a real estate agent and also from appearing on Million Dollar Listing.

I found out that Flagg also launched his own app, which relied on his superior knowledge of the Los Angeles housing market. The Star Maps app allows users to find the homes of the rich and famous in LA and helps users find these locations through GPS maps. I don’t think the app is still functional as I haven’t been able to find it on any app store, and there hasn’t been much information about it in recent years.

From what I have been able to gather, he brings in about $5 million per year.

Josh Flagg Real Estate Holdings

Josh Flagg Real Estate Holdings

Given that Josh Flagg is a renowned real estate agent, I would expect him to have a magnificent property of his own.

Flagg owns an estate that is located nearby to Paul McCartney’s home in Beverley Hills. He recently purchased another house in Beverley Hills for over $9m, a 7,100 square feet Italian-styled villa. Also, I found out that Flagg owns his late grandmother’s property which is located in Century Plaza Towers.

Josh Flagg Quotes

Here are a couple of quotes that I think sum up Josh Flagg both as a business person and someone who also focuses on charitable efforts.

“Anytime you can help someone and give them something of value, it makes it easier to do what you want to do, by being able to leverage your skills and existing knowledge base.”

“My grandparents and parents instilled in me at a very young age that giving back to the community is the most important thing you can do if you’re privileged enough to do that, not only financially, but privileged as a human being that you would want to help other people with your time.”

Frequently Asked Questions – Josh Flagg Bio

Question: How much is Josh Flagg worth?

Answer: Josh Flagg has an estimated net worth of $35 million, and he has an annual income of around $5m per year. Much of this income comes from his profession as a real estate agent selling luxury properties, and he is also a star on the show Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles.

Question: How many properties has Josh Flagg sold?

Answer: While I am not sure about the exact number of properties that Josh Flagg has sold, his real estate sales have totaled over $1 billion. This is an insane amount, even if he does specialize in high-end luxury properties that sell for well over a million dollars.

Question: What ethnicity is Josh Flagg?

Answer: Josh Flagg was born in America to an American mother and father. He has strong Jewish roots as his grandmother, Edith Flagg, was born in Austria and raised in Romania. She survived the Holocaust before moving to America.

Question: Is Josh Flagg married?

Answer: No. Josh Flagg married his partner Bobby Boyd in 2017; however, the couple divorced in 2022, although they remained close friends. Josh is openly gay but isn’t in a relationship at the minute.

Question: Does Josh Flagg give to charity?

Answer: Yes. Josh Flagg is a well-known philanthropist, which he gets from his grandmother, who had a considerable wealth of her own and donated to many causes. Josh focuses a lot on Jewish charitable endeavors, including the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles, and he is involved in City of Hope and Vista Del Mar.

Question: What is Josh Flagg’s most expensive property sale?

Answer: The most expensive property sale I know of that Josh Flagg was the real estate for was a $25 million home in Beverley Hills. He has property sales totaling over $1 billion in his career.

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