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Daniel Ek Bio

Streaming music is now such a big thing in our everyday lives. We all reach for our AirPods and call out to Alexa to play Spotify without ever thinking of where that music is coming from. Daniel Ek is the CEO and co-founder of the popular music service Spotify. I wanted to tell everyone about …

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Richard Branson Bio: The Story of the Public Face of the Virgin Brand

Richard Branson is a billionaire that I think just about everyone knows. His face is instantly recognizable, and his Virgin Group has its hands in a ton of different industries, including music, aviation, travel, and telecommunications. However, I realized I didn’t actually know that much about Richard Branson and how he started as an entrepreneur. …

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Sam Walton Bio

When I discovered that Sam Walton was once named the wealthiest man on the planet, my ears pricked, and I just had to find out more. My interest in the wealthy has always drawn me to entrepreneurs, and business folk from all over, which left me wondering how he came to own the most significant …

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Lee Iacocca Bio

Lee Iacocca is an American automobile executive who had a hand in producing models such as the Ford Pinto, the Continental Mark III, and the Ford Mustang. He was also the CEO and chairman of Chrysler during the 80s. Sadly, Lee passed away in 2019 at the age of 95, but being such an influential …

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