Sam Altman Bio

Sam Altman Bio: How Did He Become a Millionaire?

As soon as ChatGPT went viral, I wanted to know who was the mind behind this concept. It turns out the chatbot’s mastermind is no other than Sam Altman, a successful tech entrepreneur with a pretty fascinating bio. His road to success is full of accomplishments, failures, and lessons that will inspire us all. In addition, he struck me as a very smart and practical businessman, so here’s Sam Altman’s bio.

Sam Altman is a college dropout like many other successful tech gurus before him. He attended Stanford University before dropping out. Still, he eventually received an honorary degree from the University of Waterloo. Sam has made millions of dollars from founding tech companies. His first business venture was Loopt when he was only 19 years old.

Sam, the man behind ChatGPT, is vegetarian and openly gay. Read on to find other exciting aspects of his life below.

Key Takeaways/ Bottom Line Up Front

  • Samuel H. Altman has founded several companies, including Loopt, OpenAI, and WorldCoin;
  • He used to be a programmer before becoming an entrepreneur and investor;
  • He’s 37 years old, and he went to Stanford University;
  • Sam is ChatGPT’s mastermind.

Sam Altman Bio Facts

  • Birth Date – April 22, 1985 (generation: Millenial);
  • Birth Place – Chicago, Illinois, US;
  • Nick Name – Sam;
  • Nationality – American;
  • Siblings – Jack and Max Altman (Sam’s brothers);
  • Children – Sam doesn’t have kids;
  • Partner / Spouse – Sam was in a long-term relationship with Nick Sivo, Loopt’s co-founder; they broke up, though;
  • Profession – programmer, investor, entrepreneur, CEO;
  • Salary – unknown;
  • Net Worth – two billion dollars;
  • Social Media – @sama (Twitter), Sam Altman (Instagram);
  • Companies Associated With – founder of OpenAI and WorldCoin; investor in Airbnb, Asana, Reddit, Pinterest, and more;
  • Last Updated – March 10, 2023.
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Sam Altman Key Facts Summary

  • Sold his first company when he was in his early twenties for 43 million dollars;
  • Dated Nick Sovo, Loopt’s co-founder, for about nine years. Their relationship ended soon after Loopt was acquired;
  • Invested in numerous companies from various niches, including Airbnb, Pinterest, Asana, Instacart, Soylent, Verbling, Clever, and others;
  • Owns Worldcoin since 2020 and is OpenAI’s CEO;
  • Net worth – two billion dollars;
  • He dropped out of Stanford University when he was only 19 years old;
  • He’s also a philanthropist and was the Chairman of two nuclear energy companies;
  • Sam has always supported democrats, donating to Joe Biden’s presidential campaign. 

Sam Altman’s Birthplace and Early Life

Sam Altman's Birthplace Chicago Illinois

Sam Altman was born in 1985 in Chicago, Illinois. He was raised in a Jewish household. His mother worked as a dermatologist, offering him his first computer when he was only nine years old. Sam became fascinated with computers right after his 9th birthday. So, the fact that he enrolled in the computer science program at Stanford University was no surprise.

Although he spent his early years in Chicago, the family moved to St. Louis, Missouri, later on. The University of Waterloo offered him an honorary degree in 2017. Before that, Sam dropped out of Stanford in 2005 and pursued his entrepreneurial interests. The honorary degree was based on Sam’s real-world business achievements.

Strangely enough, there seems to be a lack of details and information regarding Sam Altman’s father. I tried to find something about his father, doing a lot of research, but he was nowhere to be found. How mysterious is that?!

Sam Altman’s Early Business Success

Ever since I was a freshman in university, I’ve found it intriguing and exciting to read about self-made business people. Sam is one of them. He has created all his startups from the ground up.

The secret behind Sam Altman’s business success is a combination of founding and selling tech companies and angel investments. He started and sold multiple tech businesses such as Loopt, Y Combinator, OpenAI, and Worldcoin.


At 19 years old, after leaving Stanford University, he co-founded his first business, Loopt. This was an innovative social networking mobile app based on finding someone’s location. At first, the company raised a venture capital of over 30 million dollars before being shut down in 2012. The cause of this event was failing to get traction.

The Green Dot Corporation eventually bought Loopt.

Hydrazine Capital

This was a venture fund that Altman created. Through Hydrazine Capital, Sam raised 21 million dollars. Truth be told, a small part of that sum came from Loopt. Peter Thiel, a venture capitalist, has also invested in this company.

The other co-founder is Ryhan Cohen. The business mainly focused on investing in specific niches such as education, consumer networks, specialty foods, enterprise software, and hospitality.

Y Combinator

In 2011, Sam became Y Combinator’s part-time business partner. However, by 2014, he was already the company’s president. Soon after, Y Combinator was valued at more than $65 million. The company’s business partners were other booming companies like Dropbox, Stripe, and Airbnb. Around the same time, Sam was asked to teach a class about how to start a startup at Stanford University.

During his time at Y Combinator, Sam Altman did his best to expand the company and create the YC group. In 2015, Sam was featured in Forbes magazine as one of the most successful young entrepreneurs in the tech industry. However, in 2019, Y Combinator relocated its headquarters when Sam decided to step back and focus on another business venture.


Sam Altman Bio
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After stepping back from Y Combinator’s managing position, Sam transitioned to OpenAI and began his journey as the company’s Chairman. OpenAI started as a nonprofit company but became a capped-profit business to attract capital. This business aims to benefit all people and humanity as a whole.

Initially, OpenAI had multiple partners, investors, and co-founders, including Sam Altman, Infosys, Elon Musk, and others. Outside funders raised around one billion dollars to launch this company in 2015.


Worldcoin was launched in 2020, and it’s one of Altman’s latest business initiatives. The company aims for people worldwide to receive free digital money using iris recognition. This safety measure ensures each user claims their free share only once. However, the company no longer works in certain areas or countries because of local regulations.


Altman’s ChatGPT went viral very soon after its launch. In fact, this business venture made me look into Altman’s life. I wanted to discover his other endeavors, personality traits, hobbies, personal life, and other interests.

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence platform launched by Sam’s OpenAI company. The platform has created a massive social media buzz. ChatGPT comes from the concept of a “generative pre-trained transformer.” Therefore, it can generate feasible business ideas, and more and more youngsters are eager to use it.

Although this business idea has had incredible success and popularity, Sam is convinced there’s still a lot of room for improvement. As a result, he’s expected to launch a new and updated version of the chatbot this year, in 2023.

Sam Altman’s Investments, Philanthropy & His Connection to Nuclear Energy

Sam Altman is well-known for his angel investments. He jumps in whenever he finds capable funders, especially if the business idea is good enough. So far, Sam has invested in companies like Optimizely, Zenefits, Stripe, True North, Pinterest, Asana, and more. Altman was even Reddit’s CEO but only for eight short days.

Both Oklo and Helion had Altman as their Chairman. These are nuclear energy companies. Sam always said that this type of energy is crucial and essential to technological development.

During the 2020 pandemic, Sam funded Project Covalence. The organization was meant to assist health researchers in finding an effective COVID cure. These experts received funds to speed up their clinical trials. The TrialSpark clinical trial startup was involved in this process.

Sam Altman’s Videos

Altman appeared in iconic interviews and useful videos that could inspire future tech entrepreneurs.

Sam interviewed Elon Musk, and they talked about future innovations that tech businesses could embrace. But, of course, they are also business partners. I guess the saying “great minds think alike” is true.

Sam’s insights on how to start a startup were featured in his Stanford lecture from 2014. Back then, he was the president of the YC group.

Sam Altman’s Business Failures

Altman’s first startup failed, but he saw it as a valuable business lesson. Therefore, he applied was he had learned when he developed his second startup. Hence, the second entrepreneurial initiative went much better than the first. According to him, you can always try a second or third time if you can stop stressing about your past failures so much. Instead, as Sam did, you should bring that energy into a new idea.

The worst part was that Loopt, Altman’s first startup, failed to survive because it needed more users. But then, some controversial statements and blog posts raised a few brows. For example, he commented on US politics and China’s influence on the global economy. Sam has even tweeted a few nasty things regarding Donald Trump. Of course, by now, the fact that he opposes Trump is no surprise.

You may think Sam has always been successful and thriving. But I know for a fact that his initiatives weren’t always fruitful. One thing’s for sure – he tends to be a polarizing public figure: some love him, while others can’t stand him. So, just as most other entrepreneurs, Altman has faced his fair share of failures.

Altman also said he made some mistakes when he was an important figure at Y Combinator. According to his statements, he found it impossible to say no at first. Moreover, he used to do almost everything on his own without delegating.

Sam Altman’s Family

Altman’s mother worked as a dermatologist. He has two brothers: Jack and Max. Jack is also into business development. Ever since childhood, Sam realized he was gay, and he was brave enough to talk openly about it. He has no kids but had a long-term relationship with the other Loopt co-founder, Nick Sivo.

Sam was never engaged, or so it seems. Moreover, he seems to be currently single or, at least, not in a committed relationship.

Fun Fact! Sam is ready for a natural disaster, synthetic virus pandemic, and nuclear war. At first, I smiled. I felt amused by this. But then, going through COVID and witnessing the current armed conflicts that are going on, I started to take him seriously on this.

It appears that Altman has a unique emergency kit. It contains items like guns, antibiotics, gold, batteries, gas masks, water, and potassium iodide. According to his mother, Sam might be a bit hypochondriac. I get it since I’m also a tad that way. The only difference is that I don’t have any emergency supplies.

Sam Altman’s Net Worth and Career Earnings

Sam Altman In 2009 Loopt CEO
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Altman made a fortune as a startup builder and entrepreneur. As of 2023, Sam has reached a net worth of two billion dollars. His yearly income is approximately twenty million dollars, while his monthly earnings revolve around one million. 

Sam’s revenue comes from the business development he does as well as his company shares. As a result, he gains millions of dollars each year. If I were to sum it up, Altman has invested in over 73 companies so far. He even left a few of those ventures behind, despite being their seed investor.

He once said he was lucky to be a startup builder in Silicon Valley. Furthermore, he believes that’s the right place to be if you’re a young entrepreneur in your twenties and need angel investors to raise capital for your business ideas.

Right now, Sam is focused on investing in early-stage AI companies. He wants his AI initiatives to impact education, the climate, and healthcare positively. Altman’s other interests are productivity tool businesses such as personal assistance and semantic search.

Sam Altman’s Real Estate Holdings

I got a bit frustrated researching Altman’s real estate assets. He values his privacy a lot. So, finding personal details was extremely difficult. Sam lives in San Francisco and leads a wealthy life. He can afford to own multiple properties in more than one state. It seems he goes to those other houses to spend his free time.

Besides houses, Altman also owns high-speed jets and several luxury cars. I guess that’s to be expected from a business person who works and earns as much as Sam.

Sam Altman’s Quotes

  • “Ideas are cheap and easy, and there are a lot of them. What we really care about — are the founders that have the strength and determination to go out and build a great company.”
  • “A successful startup takes a very long time—certainly much longer than most founders think at the outset”
  • “So all you need is a great idea, a great team, a great product, and great execution”
  • “No matter how successful you are, the haters will never go away.”


Question: How Did Sam Altman Become a Millionaire?

Answer: He started building startups early on when he was only 19. From there, he began selling his companies while investing in other people’s business ideas. So, it’s safe to say Altman has gained a lot of money from various business ventures.

Question: What Other Interests Does Sam Altman Have?

Answer: He loves sports cars and high-speed jets. Sam is also keen on keeping himself safe in any situation by carrying an emergency kit with all sorts of meds, guns, water, and other supplies. Altman leads a vegetarian lifestyle.

Question: Is Sam Altman the CEO of OpenAI?

Answer: Yes, Altman founded OpenAI and had Elon Musk as one of the partners. Still, Musk is no longer part of the company. Altman is the CEO, but OpenAI has several co-founders.

Final Thoughts

Sam Altman has written his success story through his personal efforts and business ventures. He’s one of the most successful tech businessmen in Silicon Valley. Altman is known for his drive to start numerous startups while helping other businesses launch by investing in new companies.

Despite his controversial statements and polarizing attitude, Sam is undoubtedly great at steering businesses in the right direction while avoiding dangerous economic currents. In addition, he’s an inspiring self-made millionaire.

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