Publix Mission Statement Explained

Despite being the nation’s most profitable employee-owned company, Publix Super Markets Inc still doesn’t have stores in all states. The chain supermarket operates predominantly in Florida and the southeastern region of the United States.

Its mission ‘is to be the premier quality food retailer in the world.’ Publix’s mission statement reveals the company’s focus on the quality of its products and services, but it doesn’t contain any reference to its expansion plans.


Publix’s motto ‘Where Shopping is a Pleasure’ conveys the same message as its mission statement because it highlights the chain supermarket’s intention to provide each of its customers with an enjoyable shopping experience.

Both the company’s motto and its mission statement show care for the customer come before profit. They also hint at Publix’s commitment to local communities and continued support for nationwide food programs.

Name Publix Super Markets Inc.
Founded September 6, 1930
Headquarters  Lakeland, Florida, United States
Industry Retail
Annual retail sales in 2021  $48 billion

Publix Mission Statement – In-Depth Analysis

Like Walmart, Publix is a Fortune 500 company that generates billions of dollars in sales every year. Even though these supermarket chains offer similar groceries, Publix offers more affordable prices and a wider range of fruits and vegetables.

Publix is also the older of the two companies because it was founded in 1930, 32 years before the first Walmart store opened. Florida is still the supermarket’s primary market, as the company currently has stores at 837 locations in its home state.

In addition, almost all distribution centers and manufacturing facilities are located in Florida. Publix’s mission statement is accompanied by the company’s guarantee that offers the following promise:

We will never disappoint you. If for any reason your purchase doesn’t give you complete satisfaction, the full purchase price will be cheerfully refunded immediately upon request.’

The mission statement and the Publix guarantee contain these ideas:

  • Focusing on customer satisfaction
  • Minimizing food waste
  • Offering a unique shopping experience

Let’s take a closer look at how each of these ideas guides Publix’s day-to-day operations.

Prioritizing Customer Satisfaction

Besides Florida, the chain supermarket also has stores in Georgia, Virginia, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, and Alabama.

Each of its 1,303 stores across the southeast is supplied by the corporations manufacturing facilities and distribution centers. All dairy, pastry, and deli products are manufactured by private label suppliers that produce each item in accordance with Publix’s specifications.

Moreover, the corporation has implemented coupon, refund, and rain check policies as a part of its efforts to increase customer satisfaction.

Its commitment to helping customers save money, issuing rain check coupons to households, and gift cards are examples of Publix’s goal to provide each customer with value. Around 90% of Publix locations have pharmacies that offer the medication at significantly lower prices than Walgreens.

The chain supermarket promises to give any item for free if its scanned price is higher than the shelf price.

Newsweek ranked Publix America’s supermarket with the best customer service in 2021, which suggests that the corporation has already reached its mission to ‘passionately focus on customer value.’

publix food abd pharmacy

Zero Waste Policy

Company-wide efforts to reduce waste have already resulted in the development of recycling programs and more efficient food waste by-product management.

In 2021 alone, Publix’s manufacturing facilities have redirected 28,000 tons of food scraps towards farmers that used it as stock feed.

Publix introduced its first recycling programs in the 1970s. Today, all its stores promote responsible consumption by helping customers dispose of plastic, paper, and foam items that would otherwise end up in landfills.

Its food donation programs alleviate hunger in impoverished communities. Publix partnered with Feeding America to establish the Perishable Recovery Program in 2007, which gathers dairy, meat, and other unstable products and delivers them to food banks.

The company has donated more than 500 million pounds of food to charitable organizations through this program in the last fifteen years. Publix also runs the Food for Sharing program that enables its customers to choose a donation amount the company will direct towards a local food bank.

Unique Shopping Experience

Innovation is a part of the corporation’s legacy. Publix was one of the first chain supermarkets to introduce air-conditioning and fluorescent lights at its stores.

The company was also among online shopping pioneers. PublixDirect website was available to South Florida residents between 2001 and 2003, and it enabled them to purchase all products online.

Modernization has been an essential element of the company’s public image since its early days, and it continues to play an important role in its customer approach.

Stylishly designed storefronts, electric car charging stations, and free WiFi connections are all a part of the company’s efforts to provide a unique shopping experience. All Publix stores offer contactless pay options, enabling shoppers to use Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or Google Pay services.

Some of Publix’s Florida locations also have self-checkout lanes, and the company plans to introduce this check-out option at each of its 1,303 stores.

Publix Vision Statement

Even though it has always been a future-oriented company, Publix doesn’t have a vision statement. However, the company’s Corporate Sustainability Statements offer insight into its plans for the future.

‘At Publix, our goal is to meet today’s needs without compromising what is essential for tomorrow. Simply stated, this means taking care of people and minimizing the impact on our planet while remaining profitable.’ 

Interestingly, the statement doesn’t contain any reference to the company’s expansion plans. Currently, Publix has stores at 1,303 locations, just 635 less than Target. Instead, the statement focuses on the company’s commitment to its employees and customers.

It also indicates that Publix intends to continue to minimize its ecological footprint and resume its support to local communities. Hence, the company’s focus will remain on the following areas in the next couple of years:

  • Increasing refrigeration efficiency
  • Continuing the Green Routine and other sustainability programs
  • Extending education and career opportunities available to the company’s employees
  • Modernizing operations to keep up with the times

Here’s a brief overview of the actions Publix plans to take to achieve these goals.

publix workers

Increasing Refrigeration Efficiency

Publix is one of the founding members of the EPA’s Green Chill program that assists retailers in lowering refrigerant leaks and incorporating environmentally friendly refrigeration technologies into their operations.

Each of the company’s stores uses high-efficiency motors to power its freezers, saving 165,000-kilowatt hours of electricity every year. In addition, the company’s cold warehouses are equipped with ultra-low ammonia refrigeration systems that have zero ozone-depleting potential.

High refrigeration efficiency standards make Publix an industry leader that is setting an example for other grocery retailers.

The Green Routine Program

Besides maximizing the efficiency of air conditioning systems in all its stores, Publix aims to resume its efforts to limit the company’s energy and water consumption.

The Green Routine program was launched in 2001, and for the last twenty years, it has served as a platform for Publix’s water and energy conservation efforts.

The company has saved 63 million gallons of water through its water conservation projects since 2016. Its energy conservation program is already lowering power consumption by 5,300-kilowatt hours in each store, and Publix plans to intensify its efforts to limit the energy it uses.

Education and Career Paths

The company’s founder George Jenkins made a stock purchase and a share bonus program for the employees. This created a framework through which employees could take ownership of the company.

Today, the Jenkins family owes just 20% of the company, while the previous or current employees own the rest. Publix’s business model shows how vital its workforce is for the company’s future, as its goal is to support and empower its associates on their career paths.

The company offers tuition reimbursement to undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in accounting, data analytics, advertising, and other programs. It also provides training for all employees interested in managerial positions.

Keeping Up With the Times

Implementation of the latest technologies in its supply chain, warehouse organization, and company-wide management systems is Publix’s prime concern for the future.

The company re-introduced online shopping and curbside pickup options in 2017 in an effort to establish itself as a top online grocery shopping destination in the southeast region.

Publix was included on Forbes’ 2022 list of best workplaces in retail because of its innovativeness and determination to modernize its operations.

Publix Core Values

Commitment to diversity and community support is crucial for Publix’s culture built on the belief in giving back and making a difference.

Thousands of company associates volunteer to clean beaches, plant trees, and serve food in underdeveloped communities every year. Their actions are the embodiment of Publix’s core values.

The company’s purpose and vision are also based on the values of dignity, employee protection, stewardship, and customer value.

publix store


The company approaches its associates and customers with dignity and respect. The company’s founder believed that ‘if you want people to respect you or your company, you must first show respect for them.’ Consequently, Publix fosters a culture where everyone feels safe to express their thoughts and ideas.

Employee Protection

Annual holiday cash bonuses, 401(k) retirement savings plans, or paid parental leave are only a few among the numerous benefits the company offers to its employees. Publix believes in treating all employees fairly, which is why most of its workforce stays with the company for more than five years.


Responsible management of food and resources is a big part of the company’s mission and vision. Environmental and social stewardship fuels Publix’s food donation, greenhouse gas reduction, and water waste management programs.

Customer Value

Healthy organic products, fresh pastry, and responsibly sourced seafood are some of the ways in which Publix brings value to its customers. The company’s goal is to treat each customer like royalty and provide them with service they can’t get elsewhere.

Key Takeaways

  • Eliminating hunger is one of the core elements of Publix’s mission
  • The company will focus its efforts on finding more efficient ways of waste, energy, and water management
  • Publix is an employee-owned company that wants to help its employees get a better education and career opportunities
  • The company will continue its expansion through the southeast region of the United States, but reaching nationwide coverage within the next decade seems unlikely.

Frequently Asked Questions about Publix Mission Statement

Question: Does Publix Have a Target Audience?

Answer: Yes, the company primarily targets young professionals that want to purchase organic food products.

Question: What is the Average Salary at Publix?

Answer: Annual salaries range from $20,000 to $120,000, depending on the position and the employee’s experience.

Question: Is Publix a Publically Traded Company?

Answer: Publix isn’t a publicly traded company. Only eligible associates and executive directors can buy company stock.

Question: How Many Locations Does the Publix Apron Cooking School Have?

Answer: Publix Aprons cooking school currently operates at eleven locations in Florida, Alabama, Virginia, and Georgia.

Question: Do Publix Pharmacies Offer Free Medication?

Answer: Publix pharmacies were a part of the Free Medication program, but the company withdrew from the program in June 2022.

Other Companies with Similar Values

The unique business model, excellent customer service, and healthy organic products have made Publix one of the most popular chain grocery stores in the American southeast.

whole foods cookies

Whole Foods, Sprouts Farmers Market, and Costco are some of Publix’s biggest rivals on the national market, but none of these companies can compete with Publix in Florida or Georgia. These chain grocery stores have similar values because they aim to help people by giving them access to healthy food.

  • Costco – The versatile selection of organic food products and affordable prices make Costco an attractive option for shoppers across the United States.
  • Whole Foods – Even though it has stores in 44 states, Whole Foods operates at fewer locations than Publix. The company’s mission is ‘to nourish the people and the planet. 
  • Sprouts Farmers Market – In its two-decade history, Sprouts Farmers Market expanded over 23 states, but the specialty chain is still trying to catch up with its competitors.

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