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David Borgogni used to work as a digital marketer until he discovered the world of online content creation. Now, he helps other people truly understand all there is to the world of business. Whether you’re passionate about digital marketing or learning how to become a better entrepreneur, David wants to help shape you into becoming the best business owner you can possibly be. There’s nothing that David’s spent more time doing than learning about the digital industry. While most of his experience comes with working as an SEO specialist, he wants to spend his time inspiring others to get involved with affiliate marketing. He knows how a company can blossom overnight with the power of affiliate marketing and he wants to help you turn into a success story. So no matter where you’re at with your business journey, all of David’s content on Business Chronicler will help you to grow into becoming the business person you’ve always dreamt of becoming.

Kaiser Permanente Mission Statement Explained

Managed care has been the focal point of all Kaiser Permanente‘s activities since the enactment of the 1973 Health Maintenance Organization Act. Although its services are available in just nine states, Kaiser Permanente is one of the largest non-profit healthcare providers in the United States. Its mission is ‘…to provide high-quality, affordable healthcare services and

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Publix Mission Statement Explained

Despite being the nation’s most profitable employee-owned company, Publix Super Markets Inc still doesn’t have stores in all states. The chain supermarket operates predominantly in Florida and the southeastern region of the United States. Its mission ‘is to be the premier quality food retailer in the world.’ Publix’s mission statement reveals the company’s focus on

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State Farm Mission Statement Explained

The insurance industry is facing a plethora of issues as companies struggle to bridge the talent gap, cover increasing costs of operation and implement the latest digital technologies. Despite these challenges, State Farm remains the industry leader dedicated to its customers. The company’s customer-centric approach is embodied in the mission statement that declares State Farm’s

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