AT&T Mission Statement Explained

Preserving the same culture for over a century is nearly impossible for any business, regardless of its size. AT&T has been among the largest telecommunications companies for most of its history.

Its mission and goals have always been oriented toward technological improvements and building connections between people.

The company’s current mission statement is ‘to exploit technical innovations for the benefit of AT&T and its customers by implementing next-generation technologies and network advancements in AT&T’s services and operations.’

Its key concepts are in accordance with what we grew to expect from AT&T, as its products and services have set industry standards for decades. However, as the mission statement indicates, the company’s purpose goes beyond being a global leader in telecommunications.

So, let’s explore the ideas behind AT&T’s mission statement.

Name AT&T Inc.
Founded  October 5, 1983
Headquarters  Dallas, Texas
Industry Telecommunications
Market cap 132.33 billion

AT&T Mission Statement – In-depth Analysis

AT&T HQ Dallas

The current iteration of AT&T is the byproduct of the 1982 breakup of the AT&T Corporation and the formation of the so-called Baby Bells. The term referred to the seven companies created as a part of the settlement that involved the division of the company into smaller entities.

Four of the companies created in the 1982 breakup are now a part of AT&T Inc., while Bell Atlantic and NYNEX constitute Verizon Communications. Hence, it is unsurprising that the current AT&T mission has stayed consistent with the values the AT&T Corporation represented.

The ideas the company’s mission statement contains are:

  • Improvement of telecommunications technologies
  • Providing excellent services to customers
  • Impacting lives of ordinary people around the world

However, these ideas don’t seem to motivate the company’s employees, as recent studies showed that only 2% of employees choose to stay with the company because of its mission. Let’s look at what the concepts encompassed in the statement reveal about AT&T.

Emphasis on Innovative Technologies

at&t technology

Implementation of novel technologies is the company’s legacy. Alexander Graham Bell founded the company with the aim of establishing the nation’s first telephone network, which at the time was considered a significant technological advancement.

Over a century later, AT&T’s purpose remains the same because the company provides access to fast and reliable internet networks. The services the company offers are split into several categories:

  • 4G LTE and 5G
  • Wireless
  • Network solutions for businesses and the public sector
  • FirstNet and disaster recovery network
  • Tech development

AT&T positions itself as ‘a company of innovators’ that dedicate significant resources to the development of connectivity technologies. Its focus areas are:

  • AI & data science
  • Cybersecurity
  • Software development
  • Intellectual property management
  • Improvement of wireless and wireline networks.

In the early 2010s, the company expanded in the video streaming industry by acquiring DirecTV and Time Warner and launching the HBO Max platform. The mission statement only vaguely references AT&T’s expansion into the entertainment industry.

Benefiting The Customer

at&t happy customers

The mission statement outlines the nature of AT&T’s business model. Hence, the company’s relationship with its customers is central to its purpose and future goals.

AT&T wireless network has over 100 million subscribers, and it is the nation’s third largest subscriber base trailing behind T-Mobile US and Verizon. The company collaborates with over three million business clients across healthcare, financial, hospitality and manufacturing industries.

Moreover, the FirstNet network provides connections to 21,800 public safety institutions to nearly four million users. AT&T has invested significant resources to lessen the country’s digital divide by building a safe and fast fiber internet network and making it accessible to low-income households.

Services accounted for over 80% of the company’s revenue in the final quarter of 2021. In addition, AT&T increased its revenue from wireless services by 5% in 2022. These statistics reveal why benefiting customers is vital for the company’s mission.

Transforming Communities Worldwide

The company has a global presence ad it keeps extending across continents and regions for decades. The company started its operations in Australia in 1992 and in Japan in 1982.

Moreover, AT&T has offices and data centers in almost all European countries and employs over 1,500 people in the UK alone. European companies like Henkel, Carl Zeiss, or Smiths Group utilize AT&T’s services through data centers in Paris, Amsterdam, London, Birmingham, and Frankfurt.

Hence, its impact on the worldwide telecommunications revolution has been immense, as it transformed how individuals and businesses connect with each other. The company’s philanthropic efforts also affect communities in the United States and worldwide.

Its education programs, donations to cultural institutions, and contributions to community safety programs continue to influence the lives of ordinary people across the globe.

AT&T’s social policy is ‘to create connection’, and the company’s actions prove its commitment to building thriving communities.

AT&T Vision Statement

The company’s vision builds on its purpose because it takes a broader approach to the ideas incorporated in the mission statement. AT&T’s future goals are defined as:

‘…to enrich our customers’ personal lives and to make their businesses more successful by bringing to market exciting and useful communications services, building shareowner value in the process.’

A closer examination of the vision statement shows that AT&T has reached some of its goals because it already has exciting and valuable communication services. However, the company’s vision is broader than this statement indicates.

AT&T’s efforts to eradicate digital illiteracy, willingness to be a part of the solution to the problems presented by climate change, and participation in the nation’s political life are all segments of its vision of the future. Let’s look at different aspects of AT&T’s vision statement.

World’s Most Valuable Company

at&t most valuable company

A significant portion of the statement refers to the company’s ability to deliver value to its stakeholders and shareholders. As the world’s largest and most profitable telecommunications business, AT&T has accomplished this goal.

AT&T’s shares recently fell by almost 8%, and its revenue dropped to $29.64 billion in the second quarter of 2022 from 35.7 billion in Q2 of 2021. However, this doesn’t hurt the company’s long-term outlook because its value is expected to increase in the next five to ten years.

Belief in a Happier Future

Environmental initiatives, education programs, and the goal of bringing communities together are all elements of AT&T’s vision. The company invested over $6 million in digital literacy programs to support workshops organized by community centers and libraries.

Its AT&T Believes program was established with the aim of opening learning centers in collaboration with grassroots initiatives and organizations in the United States and overseas. The purpose of these centers is to provide mentoring and access to digital technologies to young people in need.

The company donates over $1 billion to the research and development of renewable energy technologies and is committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2035.

The Power of Connections

at&t connectivity

Affordable monthly plans and access to technology are a part of AT&T’s initiative to make the internet accessible to everyone. Its Digitunity project is focused on delivering free refurbished laptops and desktop computers to students that don’t have access to tools necessary for digital learning.

AT&T also has product packages for low-income households and runs the Affordable Connectivity program that provides free WiFi plans with speeds up to 100MB. Aside from bringing people closer together, AT&T also help businesses connect to their client bases.

The Promise of Diversity and Inclusion

Even though the majority of its senior management are white men and women, AT&T is making significant efforts to diversify its workforce. 70% of the company’s 174,032 employees in 58 countries are male, while only 30% are female.

The gender ratio is similar in the US, but nearly half of the employees are members of minority groups. In addition, AT&T collaborates with Hispanic, LGBTQ, Black, and Feminist organization to provide the support they need to flourish.

The company has a wide array of products and initiatives that promote the inclusion of people with disabilities.

AT&T Core Values

The company’s mission and vision statements are based on AT&T’s core values that promote accountability, creativity, equality, and support for clients or entire communities. AT&T’s philanthropic efforts and research of the latest digital technologies show that the company stands for its core values.

These values are defined as:

  • Think big
  • Make a difference
  • Pursue excellence
  • Stand for equality
  • Live true
  • Pursue excellence

Here’s a quick overview of AT&T’s core values.

Live True

at&t live true

The company’s philosophy is built on the strength to learn from mistakes and the courage to correct them. The employees should strive to recognize and acknowledge their mistakes and find the right solution for them.

Pursue Excellence

A work ethic is indispensable for AT&T’s culture because everyone is expected to give their best regardless of their seniority level. This mindset translates into the high-quality services the company provides to its customers.

Think Big

No idea is too big for an organization that has been at the forefront of innovation for over a century. AT&T’s researchers are pushing the boundaries in quantum networking, edge computing, artificial intelligence, and various other fields.

Be There

Care for clients, coworkers, and communities is central to AT&T’s business model, public policy, and social responsibility. All company’s efforts are fueled by its determination to be there for its customers, employees, and neighbors.

Make a Difference

at&t make a difference

Even a seemingly insignificant selfless act can make a difference to someone going through a hardship. AT&T’s affordable WiFi prices and mental health or learning programs continue to have an effect on the lives of people in over fifty countries.

Stand For Equality

In a world divided by discrimination and exclusion, standing for equality is a moral obligation of all community leaders. AT&T is committed to treating all people with dignity and respect regardless of gender, race, or characteristics.

Key Takeaways

  • AT&T’s mission statement positions the company as a telecommunication industry leader
  • The vision statement doesn’t allude to AT&T’s attempts to eliminate carbon emissions and transition to renewable energy sources.
  • The company’s purpose hasn’t significantly changed in the last few decades because AT&T’s mission has always been the advancement and implementation of telecommunication technologies.
  • The vision statement reflects AT&T’s core values.

Frequently Asked Questions About the AT&T Mission Statement

Question: What does AT&T mean?

Answer: AT&T is an abbreviation of American Telephone and Telegraph Company, and it was first used in 1885.

Question: Does AT&T provide training for new employees?

Answer: Yes, all new employees go through the training program and are given time to get familiar with the company culture.

Question: Is AT&T a good employer?

Answer: Although the work environment is often stressful, over 70% of its employees think AT&T is a good employer.

Question: What is the median salary at AT&T?

Answer: The median wage at AT&T is $51 per hour, while the average salary is $50 per hour or $105 904.

Question: Does AT&T have weaknesses?

Answer: Yes, it does. The company suffers huge losses because the usage of landlines continues to shrink.

Other Businesses With Similar Values


Like Starbucks or Walmart, AT&T is a leader in its industry. Its annual revenue is higher than the combined revenues of America’s third and fourth largest telecommunications companies. However, this doesn’t mean other companies don’t stand for equality or strive for excellence.

  • Verizon – Bell Atlantic, one of the seven Baby Bell companies, changed its name to Verizon in 2000. Hence, its core values are similar to AT&T’s.
  • Lumen Technologies – The company’s mission is ‘to deliver amazing customer experiences with networking, cloud and security solutions that power next-gen business applications.’ So, Lumen Technologies’ purpose isn’t much different from AT&T’s.
  • Comcast Corporation – Building connections between people and providing high-end entertainment are the two fundamental goals of the Comcast Corporation.

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