Nvidia Mission Statement Explained

Trailblazing companies don’t follow paths paved by others. Instead, their purpose is to clear the way for future generations. Since the beginning, Nvidia has been a trailblazer that laid the foundations of GPU, computer hardware, integrated circuit, computer software, and gaming industries.

Hence, it’s not surprising that its mission statement comes in an unconventional form of a letter written by the company’s founder, Jensen Huang. The letter’s opening lines summarize the Nvidia mission statement: ‘We are building one of the world’s great technology companies.’

These words indicate that even after three decades of pioneering work on the development of technology that triggered the digital age and changed the gaming industry forever, the company still has room to grow.

They also offer an insight into the company’s culture that values cross-departmental collaboration above all else. Let’s find out what Huang’s letter to Nvidia’s employees reveals about the company’s code.

Name Nvidia Corporation
Founded  April 5, 1993
Headquarters  Santa Clara, California
Industry GPU, computer software, video games, cloud computing, computer hardware
Market cap 458.38 billion

Nvidia Mission Statement: In-Depth Analysis

Like IBM or Microsoft, Nvidia has played a vital role in the evolution of personal computers. Huang describes the company in the following words:

NVIDIA is a ‘learning machine’ that constantly evolves by seeking challenging opportunities that matter to the world and that only we can solve.’

Since going public in 1999, Nvidia’s Graphics Processing Units have set the industry standards and enabled the creation of gaming consoles like Sony Play Station and Xbox. The company expanded rapidly in the early 2000s through a series of acquisitions, including the purchases of 3dfx and Exluna.

Although the company has changed in the last twenty years, its purpose has remained unchanged. Nvidia’s mission is based on these concepts:

  • Knowledge is at the core of the company’s success
  • Nvidia fosters brilliance
  • Using technology to change the world

These ideas exemplify what Nvidia stood for in the last three decades, but they also offer a glimpse into the company’s future.

Nvidia as a Learning Machine

Nvidia as a Learning Machine

According to the statistics released in July 2022, Nvidia is the 4th most profitable tech company in the world. Its $30 billion annual revenue is an indicator of the company’s previous and current success because it proves that Nvidia generates more profit than Broadcom or TSM.

The company’s willingness to learn from its mistakes and expand its knowledge about computer graphics or artificial intelligence is a part of the reason why Nvidia has been an industry leader for so long.

Its breakthrough products like the iconic GeForce 256, RIVA 128, or Tegra X1 SoC are examples of the company’s achievements that are a direct result of its openness towards innovation and new information.

Nvidia currently offers products from the following categories:

  • GPUs
  • Cloud and data platforms
  • Networking
  • Laptops and workstations
  • Embedded systems
  • Gaming and entertainment (hardware and software)
  • Software infrastructure
  • Application frameworks
  • Tools and apps

The company’s perception of itself as a learning machine was the basis for developing these products.

A Home for the World’s Leading Minds

Nvidia wouldn’t be where it is today without its researchers and scientist who worked diligently on developing the company’s revolutionary products. The company’s intent to collaborate with experts is outlined in the following paragraph:

‘We attract the world’s best people, so we can achieve our highest aim: building a company that lets us do our life’s work at the highest level of our craft.’

These words also indicate that the company’s employees are an element without which Nvidia cannot achieve its purpose.

The statistics indicate that the company’s mission is one of the key reasons why tech industry professionals choose to work at Nvidia. 29% of its employees stated that the Nvidia mission statement is what they value the most about the company.

Furthermore, Glassdoor selected Nvidia as America’s best employer in 2022 based on the feedback employees leave on the platform. This award proves that Nvidia’s mission is inseparable from its workforce.

Shaping the Future Through Discovery and Innovation

Most of Nvidia’s revenue comes from GPU and integrated circuit solutions sales. It’s hard to imagine the world without either of these products, as modern PCs, cars, airplanes, smart devices, or home appliances can’t function without them.

Hence, the company has achieved its mission because its ground-breaking products have already changed the world. Nvidia’s expansion into the Artificial Intelligence sector places it at the head of yet another revolution that could have far-reaching effects on our future.

Its current goal is to develop AI solutions tailored for different industries, while companies like Walmart or AT&T have already implemented Nvidia’s data science and AI frameworks. Moreover, Nvidia is expected to surpass Apple in the AI market within the next five to ten years.

Jensen Huang’s claim ‘We are inventing the future’ is more than just a declaration of the company’s goals because it is based on facts and Nvidia’s history of innovation.

Nvidia Vision Statement

Nvidia Vision Statement

Unlike most companies, Nvidia doesn’t have a clearly defined vision. However, its actions speak volumes about the company’s plans for the future.

Aside from continuing to transform a wide array of industries, Nvidia is also actively searching for answers to some of the biggest challenges communities worldwide are facing.

It’s also setting an example for other tech companies on how to approach inclusion or provide support for nonprofit organizations. The company launched the Inception Program in 2018, which gives funding to startups working in data science or AI.

In doing so, Nvidia is setting the stage for breakthroughs these technologies could bring. Some of the critical aspects of the company’s vision are reduction of waste, reliance on renewable energy sources, and utilization of technology to combat climate change.

Here’s an overview of the cornerstones of Nvidia’s strategy for the future.

Challenging the Status Quo

The company’s culture is centered around creating products that affect every aspect of people’s lives. For the last thirty years, Nvidia has been developing technologies that contested the status quo and allowed the world to move forward.

So, it’s safe to assume that we’ll see more of the same as the company continues to make efforts to expand into new fields.

Besides being the driver of change through the development of self-driving cars or smart robots, Nvidia is also committed to combating social issues through donations and volunteering programs.

Allowing Talent to Grow

Expanding the learning opportunities researchers and students have at their disposal is at the core of the company’s efforts to help young people become leaders in their fields of study.

The company’s employees are encouraged to express ideas and collaborate on projects that facilitate their professional growth.

Nvidia offers internships, recruits recent university graduates, and organizes events that serve as contact points for young professionals who want to join the company. For instance, Ian Buck, the company’s GM of Tesla data center and the mastermind behind CUDA, started as an intern in the early 2000s.

Giving Back to Local Communities

Giving Back to Local Communities

In addition to encouraging employees to participate in volunteering projects and donate to charitable causes, Nvidia also supports organizations like Doctors without Borders, the Foundation of Ecological Security, and the Give Foundation.

The company also supported campaigns against child marriage and gender-based violence and donated funds to the Second Harvest food bank. Nvidia partners with environmental NGOs working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or eliminate diseases caused by inadequate sanitation.

In addition, Nvidia intends to transition to renewable energy sources at all its facilities by 2025 and manufacture energy-efficient GPUs.

Utilizing Technology to Tackle the World’s Problems

Nvidia publicized its plans to design the Earth 2 AI supercomputer capable of generating simulation models that predict weather changes. This project is an example of the company’s endeavors to use technology to solve the problems humanity faces in the future.

The Nvidia Clara platform for healthcare utilizes AI imaging to help scientists develop drugs faster, analyze genomic data, or create applications that raise patient care to another level. The company’s vision involves working on the development of autonomous vehicles and machines.

Nvidia Core Values

The core values serve as a basis for a set of rules referred to as ‘Our Code.’ Each new employee is required to go through the Our Code training, and any breach of the code can lead to disciplinary action. The company’s code is based on these five core values:

  • Innovation
  • Excellence and determination
  • Speed and agility
  • Intellectual honesty
  • One team

Here’s a short summary of the values Nvidia stands for

One Team

Nvidia One Team

All employees are members of a team rather than different departments. They’re encouraged to embrace the spirit of transparency, openness, and free flow of information and put their differences aside so that they can serve the company’s mission better.


Experimentation, invention, and creativity are aspects of the company’s efforts to bring innovation to each new product. Errors are inevitably a part of this process and serve as a learning tool researchers should rely on.

Intellectual Honesty

Nvidia’s ethical standards involve facing the truth, admitting mistakes, and identifying their cause. All team members have the freedom to express their opinions and pursue their ideas.

Excellence and Determination

Talent alone isn’t enough to achieve and maintain brilliance. Nvidia promotes determination to reach goals that seem impossible. Each employee should uphold the company’s work ethic and bring their best every day.

Speed and Agility

The discovery process constantly confronts the researcher with new information, and failing to adjust to this data could hamper the progress of entire projects. That’s why members of Nvidia’s team must be prepared to adapt to new circumstances quickly.

Key Takeaways

  • Despite not having a vision statement, Nvidia is focused on the future
  • The statement mission reveals that people are instrumental in all company’s goals
  • Nvidia develops technology that makes people’s lives better
  • The company supports charitable causes and local communities worldwide

Other Companies with Similar Values

Nvidia is a unique company with an inclusive culture and a mission based on discovery and experimentation. However, most tech companies such as Cisco or Apple are also dedicated to innovation and donate to nonprofit organizations. Here are a few companies similar to Nvidia:



The mission of one of the largest and best-known manufacturers of microprocessors and graphics cards is to ‘build great products that accelerate next-generation computing experiences.’ Like Nvidia, AMD is a future-oriented company.


intel company

The company that produced the first computer processor more than fifty years ago is also one of the top GPU producers. Intel’s goal is to develop technologies that advance society.

Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies

Michael Dell’s company is best known for its computers, but Dell Technologies also manufactures GPUs. The company aims to ‘create technologies that drive human progress.’ 

Frequently Asked Questions about the Nvidia Mission Statement

Question: Does Nvidia Uphold High Ethical Standards?

Answer: Yes, all minerals the company uses at its processing facilities are sourced responsibly.

Question: Which Organizational Structure does Nvidia Use?

Answer: Nvidia utilizes a decentralized structure that allows all employees to participate in the decision-making process.

Question: Does Nvidia Offer a Good Work-life Balance?

Answer: The majority of Nvidia’s workforce has regular 8-hour workdays, but some employees work up to 11 hours per day.

Question: Is Working Remotely Possible at Nvidia?

Answer: Yes, Nvidia offers full-time remote positions to its future employees.

Question: How Many Rounds do Job Interviews at Nvidia have?

Answer: A successful applicant must go through four interview rounds that involve solving job-specific technical tasks.

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