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Nvidia Mission Statement Explained

Trailblazing companies don’t follow paths paved by others. Instead, their purpose is to clear the way for future generations. Since the beginning, Nvidia has been a trailblazer that laid the foundations of GPU, computer hardware, integrated circuit, computer software, and gaming industries. Hence, it’s not surprising that its mission statement comes in an unconventional form […]

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Macy’s Mission Statement Explained

Brooks Brothers, Kiehl’s, and until recently, Lord & Taylor are the only retail companies in the United States older than Macy’s. However, Lord & Taylor went bankrupt in 2020, making Macy’s the country’s third oldest retailer. Throughout ownership changes, brand acquisitions, and opening and closing stores in the company’s 163-year history, Macy’s purpose has always

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Verizon Mission Statement Explained

In its two-decade-long history, Verizon positioned itself as a global leader in telecommunications. The company owes much of its success to its innovativeness and dedication to excellence. These values are reflected in the Version’s mission statement, which reads: ‘We transform how people, businesses, and things connect with each other through innovative communications and technology solutions.’

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Wendy’s Mission Statement Explained : The Key Messages

Wendy’s Mission statement is a great example of a company that has truly perfected the tried and trusted mission statement formula. As of 2021, the 60+-year-old company outlines their mission as follows: “To deliver superior quality products and services for our customers and communities through leadership, innovation, and partnerships.” Here, we can see a company

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FedEx Mission Statement Explained : What is FedEx’s Philosophy?

While some companies like to keep their mission statement short and to the point, the FedEx mission statement is unquestionably a mouthful. On their website, the Tennessee-based logistics specialists outline their mission as follows: “FedEx Corporation will produce superior financial returns for its shareowners by providing high value-added logistics, transportation, and related business services through

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