Chris Ivery Bio : What Is His Net Worth?

W Though much isn’t available about his past, Chris has a criminal record with over 13 convictions.

Despite the false start early in his life, the career music producer picked himself up and was a part of the team that wrote the hit song “Cheers (Drink to that)” However, the success in his music career is still pretty vague, and his fame is partially thanks to the fame accorded to his actress wife.

To better unmask the Harvard graduate’s life, we delve deeper into his career, family, and wealth. Let’s start with his biofacts;

Chris Ivery’s Bio Facts

Full Name: Christopher Ivery.

Birth Date: February 4, 1998.

Birth Place: Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

Nick Name: Chris.

Nationality: American.

Siblings: Undisclosed

Children: Has two daughters and a son; Stella Luna Pompeo Ivery (September 15, 2009), Sienna May (December 29, 2014), and son Eli Christopher (December 29, 2016).

Partner /Spouse: Ellen Pompeo (M. 2009).

Profession: Businessman, Music Producer.

Salary: .$347,750 per annum.

Net Worth: $10 million

Social Media: Twitter: @ChriisIvery, Instagram;chrisjivery 

Companies Associated With STLA and Calamity Jane Productions.

Chris Ivery’s Key Facts

  • Chris Contributed as a songwriter to the hit song Cheers (Drink to that)
  • Chris has appeared in T.V. shows including “Extra,” and Punk’d.
  • Chris graduated from Harvard University.
  • He has a criminal past and has been incarcerated more than once.
  • Runs a luxury unisex collection that is Sergio Tacchini-inspired.
  • Chris is married to lead actress Ellen, often called Dr. Meredith, of Grey’s Anatomy.
  • Chris and his wife lived 10 miles apart when growing up in Boston.
  • Chris held a private marriage ceremony that Bloomberg witnessed.
  • Chris has 3-kids, one of whom was born through surrogacy.
  • Chris was a board member at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Chris Ivery’s Birthplace and Education

Chris was born Christopher Ivery in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the USA, on February 4, 1998.

Records available show that Chris graduated from Harvard with a degree(here is what Harvard alumni Mark Zuckerberg has done). However, the specifics of what he pursued remain scanty. Information about his birth parents, upbringing, and siblings also remains undisclosed.

Chris’s past is pretty dark, with his criminal record indicating that he has over 13 convictions, three of which saw him serve terms behind federal prisons. The offenses include postal theft, counterfeiting documents, and drug trafficking, and probation violations.

Most of these happened in his heydays, and his wife Ellen says that, though it is in the past, she is still pretty scared and prays that his dark past doesn’t resurface.

On the other hand, Chris notes that he has reformed and is determined to lead a life that won’t contravene the law.

His wife accepts him and admits that Chris’s difficult past was largely a side effect of Chris’ mother, who was into drugs.

Business Success


After working as a music executive for 25 years, Chris finally chooses to switch careers. His new passion sought to quench a lifelong want that had him order clothes from London. The clothesline STLA was started back in 1966 by Italian tennis player Sergio Tacchini.

The clothesline, which according to Chris, was becoming harder and harder to come by, was relaunched after consultations between Chris and Sergio Tacchini team. In the rebirth, the clothesline will now be available as a luxury unisex collection that is manufactured in L.A.

Chris said he greatly benefited from inspiration extended by the collection’s pioneer fans, including the late Biggie Smalls, Leonardo DiCaprio, and John McEnroe, to come up with the luxury collection (see Liz Claiborne’s clothesline).

Included in the list of illuminating counsel was Liberman, who Chris appreciates for being part of the team whose counsel made things happen.

Music and Entertainment Industry

Chris Ivery has been working as a producer at Parallel Music since November 2001. He assumed the Executive Producer role for the company founded by his wife (see what Mark Cuban is funding), Ellen, in November 2010.

He also got another gig working as an Executive Producer for both Film and Television for Calamity Jane Productions that is located in Disney Studios in Burbank, Los Angeles.

Contributing Songwriter

Chris is also credited with contributing as a songwriter to the hit song “Cheers (Drink to That),” which featured in Rihanna’s fifth studio album “Loud” that premiered in 2011.

The popularity of the hit song saw it feature as a soundtrack in an episode of the NBC series “Smash,” (see if he matches movies Jack Ma has starred in), which graced the American screens in 2012.


In 2019, Chris was on the television news show “Extra,” hosted by Billy Bush 2019 (see what Jonas Max Ferris hosts).


Chris also appeared in a prank episode that Ashton Kutcher produced. Chris intentionally excessively tips a waiter to provoke his wife Ellen into rebuking the waitress in the episode. An unsuspecting Ellen gets jealous and spews some very nasty words leaving the crew in stitches.

Chris Ivery’s Real Estate Holdings

Farmhouse in Sag Harbor, N.Y.

The couple bought the prehistoric farmhouse in July 2011 with the intent of renovating the existing house. This was to be followed by the construction of a more modern and expansive house on the 8.3-acre prime piece of property that cost the couple $295,000.

However, these plans were shelved for a more ambitious plan to renovate a cabin in Malibu that would serve as their retreat. The farmhouse would later be listed as available for purchase for $3.795 million in early 2018. The sale came long after the farmhouse had been significantly remodeled into a modest home.

Mediterranean mansion in Los Angeles

Located in the celebrity preferred Laughlin Park enclave in L.A.’s Los Feliz area, the property cost the couple $3.475 million in 2009. Acclaimed architect Paul Revere Williams designed the mansion in the early 1930s for film star Antonio Moreno. The mansion has 8,000 square feet of living space and has been featured in Architectural Digest.

Villa in Hollywood Hills.

The couple acquired the property in 2008 before listing it as available for sale in 2017. At the time of the acquisition, the Villa cost the couple $1.226 million. However, by the time they were putting it up for sale in late 2017, the property had an appreciated value and was sold for $2.075 million.

Spanish Villa in Whitley Heights

The Spanish Villa in Whitley Heights cost the couple $1.35 million back in 2005. The couple then aesthetically restored the house before putting it up for sale at $2.795 million, double the price they paid for it. The Villa is located in Hollywood and sits on two elevated parcels in the prehistoric Whitley Heights.

Retreat in Malibu

The couple paid $6.365 million for the 2,130 square feet of property in Malibu, Calif. The 3-bedroomed and 3-bathroom property, initially owned by Arta Kaufman and Michael Skloff, was initially part of a $20 million property in 2007. However, one part of the property was sold for $10.75 million.

The remaining part, which sits in a constricted 0.81 acres, has a 2-bedroomed house that was remodeled by renowned architects Buff and Hensman. From the property, miles of sandy beaches and magnificent unending ocean lines can be enjoyed.

Chris Ivery’s Family

Chris is married to Ellen Pompeo (skip to Arriana Huffington’s bio, to see what became of her family). The two met in a grocery store in Los Angeles in 2003, where they exchanged contacts before they began dating six months later.

Before deciding to date, their budding friendship had them discover that they had a lot in common. For instance, they realized that they both grew up in the outskirts of Boston, living only 10 miles apart.

Their friendship then took a romantic turn on Ellen Pompeo’s 37th birthday after Chris went on the knee with a 3.5-carat diamond ring.

The proposal was followed with a private marriage ceremony at city hall New York on November 9, 2009, with then New York mayor Michael Bloomberg stepping up as the legal witness.

The couple is blessed with 3-kids, Stella Luna Pompeo Ivery, born September 15, 2009, Sienna May, born December 29, 2014; and son Eli Christopher born on December 29, 2016. Their second-born, Sienna, was born with the help of a surrogate mother.

Five years into their relationship, Chris is alleged to have temporarily feigned amnesia of his marriage when he persistently asked a girl to go home with him at a Guns’ n’ Roses concert.

In yet another instance, Chris is said to have hooked up and even had sex with Rachel Artz when his wife was preparing for the birth of their first child in 2009.

The couple has declined to comment on both allegations and has kept strong a decade-plus after marriage.

Chris Ivery’s YouTube Videos

In this five minutes long breakdown of Ellen and Ivery’s relationship, the narrator gives a sneak peek of the couple’s life. The narrator talks of how the two met before the premiere of Grey’s anatomy, the process of surrogacy, and how the couple’s marriage seems to be going stronger even in the face of rocky times.

In this brief interview, Ellen Pompeo lauds her fans for the immense support for the show that she stars in. She then briefly talks of the amazing look she has pulled, which dates to the 19th century and which her husband currently runs. Giggling, she notes that now, with her husband’s sportswear line, one can easily pull off a sporty look in heels.

Chris Ivery’s Net worth and Earnings

According to, the combined net worth of Chris and his wife is $70 million as of the writing of this biography. Chris had a net worth of $10 million on his own as of writing this biography. Most of the wealth has been accrued from the couple’s showbiz business in which both have appeared on T.V. shows.

Chris made part of this wealth working as a music producer in his early life, a time from which he is famed for his hit song ‘Cheers (Drink To That) that featured on the Smash T.V. show. His combined earnings for 2019 stood at $325,000, while that of 2020 amounts to $347,750.

Chris Ivery’s Quotes

“As I got older, I was seeking it out, and I was buying the brand from London…”

“That was literally the only place I could get it.”

‘Listen, I want to bring this back. Americans love this brand. I have ideas.’

“My wife is always on me about everything sustainable…”

“I’m hoping this brand will bring people together; I really feel like there are a lot of people that come from different walks that have an affinity with this brand.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is Chris Ivery Famous for?

Answer: Chris Ivery is famous for the hit song Cheers (Drink to that) that he produced for the T.V. show Smash. His fame is partly because of his marriage partner, Ellen Pompeo, who is prominently featured in the Grey Anatomy T.V. show. Other than this, he has also made appearances in various T.V. shows, including Punk, ‘d.

Question: What is Chris Ivery’s Job?

Answer: Chris Ivery is a music producer who has made appearances in different T.V. shows. His fame is, by extension, a result of being Grey’s Anatomy’s lead actress Ellen Pompeo who plays the lead role as Dr. Meredith.

Question: Is Ellen Pompeo still married to Chris Ivery?

Answer: Despite rumors peddled about an imminent breakup and divorce after allegations of Chris Ivery’s scandalous extramarital affairs, the couple is yet to divorce and remain committed to each other.

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